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Are you really creeping on me right now!? - No sorry! I was trying to figure out why the internet was so slow today. - I'm live streaming right now! - Like... webcamming? - Yeah it's really easy and fun and I make a bunch of money from it!! - Well could you stop for a while? I really need to send these resumes out to get a new job. - There is no way I'm getting offline, I'm getting so many tips right now. Why don't you jump on cam with me, I know we will make a ton of money. - Wouldn't that be weird? - It's not weird to me, we don't have to tell my fans your my step brother... - I mean I could really use the cash... What do I do? - You could start by getting naked for me! - Ok... what are those tokens they're sending for? - They want me to suck your dick! - Are you serious!? - Yeah... but I know that they really want to see me ride your dick. Just do it for the money! - Do I need to wear a condom? - No way, I hate condoms!! - Let's do it before our parents get home!! - After my step sister convinces me to fuck her in front of all of her fans and tells me about how much money we could make, I couldn't turn that offer down! Not only do I get to fuck my hot step-sister, but I can get paid while doing it! Watch her bounce on my cock until I explode all over, giving her fans the best cam show they've ever seen!
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